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  3. do you take any submissions?

  4. Not too bad. Dude, the Diamond Supply Co has some cool gear. Original look. I grew up there…

  5. I sent an email submission awhile ago

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  29. TheLuminousLife

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  34. How can we submit some music to your site? Contact

  35. Sup mayne this is VPz own freshp2. Thanks for liking the post. Gotta keep they minds open, and their thinking, thinking. They think it’s a onsided game, but music is only one aspect. Hold it down….

  36. whats going on royalhiphop, whats shake’n in the UK? you got a lot of information here keep it going………

  37. Hey I’m a local Boston artist 17, been looking in your blog for a while now always wanted to submit but wanted to wait till I had good material to do so

    Here’s a video I just released ice opened for artist such as ace hood, Asher Roth an more

    Please post and contact back
    [ New Video ] Classiqk – Different

    Twitter contact: @classiqkrepsr

  38. Blog is really good

  39. 20 yr old artist from New Jersey trying to make good hip hop music that inspires people to dream., just dropped my first EP please take a listen, it speaks for itself…

  40. Tommy Kash
    Miami, FL

    Reporting live from the streets of Miami, originally from Brooklyn, NY, Tommy Kash has a unique sound and bringing originality. Hiss catchy ad-libs such as” Ewww!!!” are buzzing in the streets more and more each day. His versatility is like no other, and he is a breath of fresh air to the game so please take time of to view this video and I promise when its over it will have u saying “Ewwwww!!!”. 

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  42. I truly love the content on this website! So many diverse artists and music! It would be an honor to make it to this site! See u in the future! # salute

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  44. Scotthonor Productions is excited to introduce our very talented R&B artist LW. He is becoming well known in the online radio music community. On April 23rd he will be “live” on air debuting his newly released album, Extraordinary Revisited on HOT 104.9 FM with DJ Magnum in Waco, TX. LW has written, arranged, produced and performed the entire cd, which is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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